Nightwalk: Pourquoi?

Nightwalk: Pourquoi?
in TPAM Fringe, 'If On A Winter's Night An Employee'
at Wakabacho Wharf, Yokohama, Japan.

TEXT Grass Wang & Tao Chiang

ORGANIZER  National Culture and Arts Foundation- ARTWAVE
CURATOR  River Lin

PHOTOGRAPH  Ash Lin & Kappa Tseng

The artist duo consisting of sound designer Tao Chiang and object theatre artist Yenting Tseng create intimate performance pieces combining shadowplay, found objects, and ambient soundscapes. Their latest work, Nightwalk: Pourquoi? investigates the inner landscape of an urban-dweller walking home at night, with newly written text by playwright Grass Wang.

Nightwalk: Pourquoi? is a piece of sound and shadow theater that uses a soundwalk recording as its basic material and structure. The recording of the environmental sounds of a stroll through an urban landscape at nighttime sounds realistic at first, but gradually becomes manipulated and distorted, overlaid with other synthetic sounds and spoken word, as we delve into the subjective mind of the Walker, the worries, regrets, and dreams of day to day life. 

The audience is situated in the middle of a surround-sound system, listening to the thoughts of the Walker and the passing soundscape. Shadows projected from revolving installations and seemingly random objects emerge throughout the space. Familiar images merge and transform into a stream-of-consciousness, as the Walker reflects on the events of this day and the days to come.