SÍM Artist Residency program

(The Association of Icelandic Artists)

Artist Residency Program

Kappa Tseng + Tao Chiang
in Reykjavik, Iceland.
September, 2014.

participated in Group Exhibition ' Twelve Layers'

'Whisperer #1-#5', found objects, wool and Svið
'3990 isk', found objects, lava sand and stone.

Piece in 6 parts for micro-quartet: audio in 4 channels 29'18"
'The Traveller' 6'18"
'The Knowledge' 5'25"
'The Machine' 4'30"
'The Boundaries' 4'01"
'The Hidden Party' 2'56"
The Song' 6'08"

SOUNDTRACK:  https://soundcloud.com/raventao/sets/excerpts-from-piece-in-6-parts